Egg White Crisps

Feel like something crunchy that won’t break the calorie bank? Something chip-like? You’re in LUCK!

Egg White Crisps


Yes, I swear those really are egg whites.


Yes, I swear they’re amazing.

Utterly. Amazing.

Every. Single. Bite.

These have to be the simplest. things. ever.

Ingredients: Egg whites, spices. (Yes, I’m telling the whole truth!)

  1. Put egg whites in bowl.
  2. Add spices (whatever chip-y flavor your little heart desires). – I did garlic salt & pepper – big surprise huh!? Winking smile
  3. Add a smidgen of water to thin egg whites.
  4. Using a muffin pan, just barely cover the bottom of each muffin circle with egg whites (the thinner the better).
  5. Throw in a hot pre-heated oven (I did 400F) until golden brown & crispy. I turned once to crisp both sides.
  6. DEVOUR every last piece. Open-mouthed smile



C’mon … how much more convincing do you need?

I can’t wait to hear how you like ‘em – or how fast they disappear Smile


Question for YOU!:

Do you like crunchy & salty or creamy smooth & sweet?

  • I’d have to say I like both – but not too much of either, oddly enough. I feel like I have to balance them, like a little of both at each meal.


  1. Comment by JessEss:

    Soooo – I just made these (the omelette muffins are in the oven now – 5 diff flavors. haha). I used my mini muffin tin to make the chips and made an entire tray; half salt, pepper, and garlic, the other half I added choc crunch pieces. HOLY YUM. I.. uh.. I ate all of them while mixing up the omelette muffins! hahahaha I looked down and there were 3 “chips” left – so I finished them off. I can’t wait to experiment with new flavors of these! : ]

    • Comment by vblean:

      Hahaha aren’t the possibilities endless with the omelette muffins!?!? I adore them. They’re a STAPLE in my nutrition plan!! And the egg white chips too – I love that you can just CHOOSE whatever flavor you so feel like, or 3, or 10!!!!!! I often eat them all while I’m taking them out of the oven – very rarely do they last long around here :D

      Enjoy Jess! SO glad to have you as a reader! I’d love if you’d upload pictures to my FB page and share with everyone else too! How fun!!

  2. Comment by Katie @ Peace Love and Oats:

    What a good idea for a salty craving! And getting some protein! I’m totally going to try this!

  3. Comment by Christina:

    Do you grease the pan at all?

  4. Comment by Corinne:

    If you don’t eat them all how should you store them? And how long?

    • Comment by vblean:

      Just in a bag on the counter :-) The fridge makes them kinda chewy, takes away the crunch. They’d be good rather “indefinitely” … no need to eat right away!

  5. Comment by DC:

    How many egg whites do you use?

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