Pink Sandbag or Pink Ricebag?

As I begin to write this, I thought I was in for the night! WOO HOO was I excited!

But alas, I remember I need to go buy a bunch of 5 or 10-lb bags of rice. Rice? Why rice, do you ask, if you don’t eat grains? Well, well well…


This is why my friends. For my work out tomorrow morning of course Winking smile Silly question. Why ELSE would you buy rice!? To eat?

Sandbag no more. Now it’s officially a Pink Ricebag, courtesy of yours truly!

Sand is too messy. Rice in plastic bags on the other hand, not messy at all. And why a bunch of 5 or 10-lb bags? Then I get to play with any weight at multiples of 5 or 10 lbs. I figure I’ll buy between 30-50 lbs of rice, seems like enough weight to start playing with at the moment, and I can always add more in the future if it isn’t heavy enough. The amount I buy will probably be determined by the pretty pennies it’ll cost me to buy it.

My schedule changes every eight weeks as my clinical rotations change. Some sessions I have crack-of-dawn classes and clinicals before work and need to work out in the privacy of my own home. Therefore these next eight weeks, my Pink Ricebag will come in mighty handy!

So psyched to try out my new Ultimate Sandbag. It’s super high quality and PERFECT for rockin’ some seriously sweaty at-home, or anywhere-really workouts!!

Ultimate Sandbag – They even have them in Pink!!

Before I run out the door to the nearest asian mart to grab the cheapest rice bags I can find, I figured I’d back up to this morning real quick!

My day started with a rockin’ bout of Stairmill HIIT Cardio + Shoulders and Triceps at the gym!

Remember, my workout program is tailored to me and my specific goals. To get the most out of your workouts, you need a program tailored to YOU and your goals! Email me at if you have more questions!

Stairmill HIIT Cardio
1 min sprint & 1 min recovery x 5-15 intervals
Shoulders & Triceps
Overhead Press x 3-4 sets
Lateral Raises x 3 sets
Face-down on bench Rear Delt Lateral Raises x 3 sets
Overhead Rope Tricep Extensions x 3 sets
Single Arm Tricep Push Downs x 3 sets



Followed by some girl-time with some egg-white and veggie omelettes with an awesome fitness friend. Our conversation consisted of nutrition and fitness. What better conversation is there?? Grocery shopping next. Cost-co and Target are two of my favorite stores ever, btw. Just in case you were oh so curious! Studying and work came next, followed by some food prep.


Asparagus makes me happy. That’s totally normal, right?


Fish and chicken. Clean eating, lean protein staples!

And now I’m sitting here blogging wishing I had remembered to pick up my zillion 5 or 10-lb bags of rice on my way home from my errands this morning.

You know what? I know. You’re all staring at your computer screen refreshing the button waiting for this to pop up .. ‘cause I know that’s how you spend all your days right? Winking smile Right…

But I’m going to get those rice bags now.

Pause please!


With a 10-lb and a 20-lb rice bag. I wanted a bunch of smaller rice bags. Say, oh, 5 lb-ers or so. BUT apparently the larger the bag, the cheaper. By a LOT. So the frugal side of me came out and I have decided to create a project for myself tonight and break up the 20-lb bag into my own 5-lb ziplock bags filled with rice to add to the 10-lb bag in my Pink Sandbag Ricebag.





Fitness Project!

Either that or I’ll try to just shove the 20-lb bag into the sandbag. Dilemmas, my friends, dilemmas. My life is so rough Winking smile.

I’m pumped! Off to shove some bags of rice into my totally cute (but don’t be fooled by its adorable color – it’s a butt kicker!) sandbag for tomorrow’s morning workout…


Coffee Talk!

  • Where do you work out? The gym? Home? Outdoors? A combo of all of the above?
  • What did YOUR workout consist of today?
  • Do you own a sandbag? Have you ever used one?


  1. Comment by Emily@RunningPerspective:

    I JUST BOUGHT MY BAG TODAY!!!!!! used your link<3
    i cannot wait to hear what exercises you do with it tomorrow!!!!
    and yummm your chicken/ fish looks DELICIOUS how are you cooking it?! amazinggg
    Emily@RunningPerspective recently posted..resolutionsMy Profile

    • Comment by vblean:

      YAYYY!!!! It’s seriously become my new favorite piece of fitness equiptment. It ROCKS and really lets you hit muscles in a different way. I’m sore in new places and LOVING it. I think you’ll have a blast doing some new moves with the sandbag!

      That chx/fish was steamed! Yum!!

  2. Comment by Christina @ The Athletarian:

    You are a genius! I love the pink sandbag! I work out at the gym for the most part but I have done some things at home. Usually if I’m pressed for time I will either pop in an Insanity video or do some plyos/jump rope.

    Can I have your arms and shoulders? K thanks.
    Christina @ The Athletarian recently posted..I’m crossing my fingers…until April.My Profile

    • Comment by vblean:

      Ahahah you’re awesome.

      I’m loving the pink SB too :-) How do you like the Insanity videos? I’ve been contemplating giving them a try every so often for a bit of variety!! :-)

      And jump rope? You just made my day. I LOVE plyos + jump roping!

  3. Comment by Laura @ Sprint 2 the Table:

    Ever since being hipped to Body Rock I’ve WANTED a sand bad. Love the rice idea… it may have to happen soon!

    This morning I ran a mile and did a Body Rock workout. Then after work I hit up a TRX class. Loving 2-a-days!!!
    Laura @ Sprint 2 the Table recently posted..Asian-Inspired Sweet Potato Lentil LoafMy Profile

    • Comment by vblean:

      I LOOVE Bodyrock! It’s SO worth it! It’s quickly become my new favorite piece of fitness equiptment. Hits my muscles in different ways and is so much fun to play with!! I’m loving it! I have a link on the right of my page so if you decide to buy one I’d love if you’d go through me ;-)

      OOOO TRX class! Run + Bodyrock + TRX in one day? Yep. It’s official. I’m so a fan of you!

  4. Comment by Tara @ Sweat like a Pig:

    Those sandbag workouts look intense! I looove your arms and shoulders :)
    Tara @ Sweat like a Pig recently posted..Have I lost my mind?My Profile

    • Comment by vblean:

      Awww THANK YOU!!!! I’m LOVING the sandbag workouts!

      And you said you’re from Australia right? Australia & New Zealand have always been literally #1 & 2 on my list of places to go my ENTIRE life – since I was like 8 years old. Whenever I make it out there I’ll let you know!!

  5. Comment by Felicia:

    mine is filled with rice too :) but mine is black though! love that thing. i bought it in the spring with my dip station.. gives you such a good workout at home. combine that with the interval timer and you are alll set!
    Felicia recently posted..Fitness Goals for 2012My Profile

  6. Comment by Sarah:

    I need to get a sandbag and I have been doing more bodyrock tv workouts which brings me to my next question. Do I renew my gym membership. I’m really not sure what to do. I have always had a gym membership and it gives me the motivation to workout when I don’t feel like it but since discovering bodyrock those workouts I do at home because I would feel like an idiot doing them at the gym. Maybe I just need a new gym workout. Do you have any good splits you could share?

    • Comment by vblean:

      I LOVE bodyrock workouts!!! If you do decide to get a sandbag (which I highly suggest, it’s seriously kicked up my bodyrock workouts a HUGEE notch!), I have a link on the right of my page and would so appreciate if you’d go through me to get it :-)

      I do bodyrock workouts at home AND at the gym. I’m over caring what people think. I’ll jump around all I want thank you very much *wink!* But I do understand your being hesitant, they can get a bit odd looking at times ;-)

      I post workouts periodically on my blog and I also do online fitness coaching if you’d like me to really evaluate everything you’re doing and help you come up with a plan! Otherwise, I know jamie eason’s live fit trainer has an AWESOME split to follow!!!! :-)

  7. Comment by Lizzy:

    oh my gosh loveee the pink sandbag! I cannot wait to see what you do with it!
    I am a cardio-crazy girl but I can’t stand cardio-machines, so I usually workout outdoors…I will go to the gym 2x a week to lift and spin. Today my workout was an 11-mile trail run, and 2-mile swim…the pool I swim at is at the gym, so maybe I do go more than 2x per week!!
    I hope you had a great wednesday!
    Lizzy recently posted..Reflections of the LR#1My Profile

    • Comment by vblean:

      The pink sandbag is rockinggggg my workouts! :-)

      I’m a major outdoor running fan and love that your workouts are outdoors a majority of the time!! Especially trail running! How fun!!

  8. Comment by Zinedine:

    You got bigger muscles than me and that all the motivation i need ;)
    Zinedine recently posted..How to Choose a DegreeMy Profile

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