Back with a Vengeance!

Goooood Morning myVanilla Beans Open-mouthed smile I’ve been loving Candy Cane Lane Tea & Coconut Milk this morning!


Motivational Monday is back with a VENGEANCE!!


Let’s talk set-backs. Set-backs, things that throw you off your intended and well thought out plan of attack, unexpected occurrences … they happen to the best of us.

I’ve learned that it’s not about the set-back. It’s about how you respond to it. You can choose to get sucked in to what life throws at you and get set further back or you can choose to stay positive, keep at it, push through, and come out stronger for it on the other side.

No one is free of the unexpected, of change, of less than desired things they have to deal with. Everyone does though, have the power to choose how they deal with these and the attitude they use to approach it.

Choose positivity, choose happiness, choose to be grateful for what you do have, choose to be an inspiration to others, choose to make yourself proud.

Choose to tell yourself that no matter what happens you will keep that head up, you’ll keep pushing yourself, you’ll remember that every small change and step you make is a step in the right direction towards your goals.

Remember that nothing happens overnight.


Remember that time will pass regardless, and if you spend your time taking small steps and making small changes, one day you’ll be looking back at what amazing accomplishments you’ve made one step at a time. You’ll deserve to be proud of yourself because you let that bump in the road, no matter how big or how small, push you forward and make you better.

Keep pushing, keep making #smallchanges, and keep rocking each and every day. Life is too short not to approach everything with a positive, healthy, determined attitude.


“Small things, done consistently, create major impact.” –Unknown

Nothing feels better than proving to yourself you can do it! #fitfluential And remember, if you need that extra support, I’m always here.

I promise I will be back later today or tomorrow morning with the recipe for the delicious Oatmeal Raisin Cinnamon Puff I mentioned yesterday! Open-mouthed smile


Coffee Talk!

  • What set-backs, small or large, have you conquered in the past or are conquering right now?
  • What small changes have you incorporated to push yourself closer to your goal?


  1. Comment by Christina@theathletarian:

    Sooo many setbacks in the past! Eating troubles, surgeries, injuries…ya know ;) Most recently though has been little sicknesses and my mind telling me I can’t do things. I turn to people like you to motivate me!! You are amazing and I can’t wait for the recipe!!
    Christina@theathletarian recently posted..kale and abs for your enjoymentMy Profile

  2. Comment by Kim:

    My diet falls apart on the weekends! UGH! I eat perfect all week, but then have little slips on the weekends. Any good advice would be greatly appreciated!

    • Comment by vblean:

      Figuring out WHY it changes on the weekends will help you figure out how to approach it to keep yourself on track and in line with your goals. You have to keep yourself sane and enjoy life as well, but it’s about finding the balance that will get you to your goals and keep you enjoying yourself all at the same time :D

  3. Comment by Lauren:

    Same issues as Kim. So frustrating

  4. Comment by Bonnie:

    Great post! Lots of truth in your words. My most recent set-back has been fighting off a pretty bad cold – the worst part is the throat (breathing hard hurts it!)…hate that the rest of me feels so good except the neck up. Kept up with indoor workouts but I’m itching to run! Just a normal little set back.

    The rest is me sabotaging myself – I must continually ask the question “What do I want more? A lean body or some ice cream at night?” I usually have a bit but know that my body will change as much as I’m determined to move toward change!

    Thanks for the good reminder to start this week off right!
    Bonnie recently posted..Food & Fitness TipsMy Profile

    • Comment by vblean:

      Absolutely Bonnie – I’m proud of your honesty with yourself. It really just depends on whether you want that bit of ice cream and you’re happy with the results or you want to change it a little. There’s no RIGHT answer. The right answer is YOUR goal :-D Keep rockin’, I’m proud of you!

  5. Comment by StoriesAndSweetPotatoes:

    Inspiring post. I have some chronic health issues and I’m not able to be as active as I would like. Every time I feel like I’m making real progress with my fitness goals I end up bed ridden for a couple weeks. As long as I keep going at my own pace that IS still progress, it’s just hard to see sometimes.
    StoriesAndSweetPotatoes recently posted..Curried Deviled EggsMy Profile

    • Comment by vblean:

      It’s hard having any issues at all, especially chronic issue. They’re making you the strong person you are today. Remember, it’s not comparing your pace to anyone else’s pace. Do your own thing and as long as you push yourself, make yourself proud, and get closer to your goals one step at a time, that’s all that matters. You should be proud of yourself – I’m proud of YOU!

  6. Comment by Julia @ No Frills Fitness:

    Love the motivational pics! They are great. My biggest setback is my own fear of failure. As hard as I work in the gym and on my diet, a little voice in my head tells me that I can’t. I will never know what I can do if I don’t try… so it’s time to try! I’m in the process of trying to find a figure competition to sign up for in the next several months! It’s go time!
    Julia @ No Frills Fitness recently posted..Stuff I LoveMy Profile

    • Comment by vblean:

      It is go time girl! I KNOW you can do it! Whatever you decide and set your mind to do, is absolutely a possibility! You CAN! :-D Keep me updated on all of it! I can’t wait to hear alllllll about it!

  7. Comment by Samantha:

    Great post! I’m trying to lose those last pesky pounds and sometimes it seems like every setback is the end of the world, even though it clearly isn’t. I have always loved the advice of time passing anyway, whether you make positive changes or not.

    Will you be posting the recipe for those delicious looking cheesy shirtaki noodles soon as well? Looked delicious!

  8. Comment by Abby @ Abz 'n' Oats:

    Awesome post! :) ) My most recent setbacks have been injury and getting out of a healthy eating routine while living back at home. I am back to having my own place again and ready to start off on the right foot again! :)
    Abby @ Abz ‘n’ Oats recently posted..settling in sundayMy Profile

  9. Comment by Nicole K:

    This post came at a really great time! Ive been stuck at a plateau for a little while and was trying to lift more to get out of it, but now I have bicep tendonitis in my left arm! Definitely frustrating as I can’t really do bodyrock workouts or lift weights and the HIIT seems to be the only thing that works for my body…did pull out the old Hands free workout, but struggling to figure out how to keep going in the right direction while I recuperate. Just gotta keep going slowly I guess. Thanks for this post!

    • Comment by vblean:

      Always remember to take the adequate rest your body needs, especially during an injury or illness, and then hit it hard when you’re 100%. Keep active but don’t push too far with the injury. So proud of you, keep rockin’ Nicole!

  10. Comment by Tiff @ Love Sweat and Beers:

    Too true, success doesn’t happen overnight. That’s something I always have to try and remember.
    Tiff @ Love Sweat and Beers recently posted..LiveFit StartMy Profile

  11. Comment by teabagginit:

    i’m coming out of an injury from overtraining while training for my upcoming marathon. it was actually a blessing in disguise, though, because i discovered my love of yoga and now i’m training right!
    teabagginit recently posted..Mum’s the Word Monday – Running EditionMy Profile

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