About Those Calories & BodyMedia CORE Armband Review

Although I am a huge proponent of quality over quantity when it comes to the food you eat, the amount of food you take in does still matter. If you expend more energy than you take in, and you’re eating quality calories at the right times of day, your body will use stored fat as the rest of the energy it needs to function during daily activities and your intense workouts.

The amazing people over at BodyMedia sent me a CORE armband and display to use and check out. I told them that regardless of how I felt about it, anything I wrote about it would be COMPLETELY honest. Lucky for them, their product is seriously AMAZING. Holy cow. I am a major fan. I would recommend this to just about ANYONE!

It measures your body temperature, sleep cycles, calories burned, steps taken, amount of both moderate and intense exercise you do a day, and puts it into these killer charts when you upload everything to your computer.

Although there are some great calorie calculators out there, like this one Jamie Eason recommends in her LiveFit trainer, there isn’t any calculator that basically works on human averages, that can individualize numbers for you. The BodyMedia armband can tell you EXACTLY what is going on in your body and can really help you tailor your programs (both workout out and eating) to reap the most benefit you can from them.

I have talked about how many people will under-eat, and that it is important to fuel your body with enough food to keep it from going into I-am-terrified-you’re-starving-me-so-I’m-going-into-fat-storage-starvation-mode. Even after using calculators, and having as much experience and knowledge as I do in this field, even I had underestimated the amount of calories I burn daily. A lot of it has to do with whether I am in the ER or not, because days I work 12 hour shifts, my calorie burn is OUT OF THIS WORLD! Using the BodyMedia armband has helped me increase my calories, allowing me to really individualize and tailor my plans to myself even more than before.


This is the armband I got, since it’s the slimmest. It says to wear it on your left arm for it to be most accurate, and I do 90% of the time. There are some days where I have to look professional, and I took a tip from Monika over at Fit Foodies and use it on my left calf under pants when it being on my arm isn’t feasible.


Me with my BodyMedia armband at the gym! Please excuse the booty sweat Winking smile


And again!

The body temperature gauge is awesome, and can help if anyone is wondering about thyroid issues. The sleep cycle information is AWESOME, and what’s great is that is keeps a record of how long I’m sleeping – telling me whether I need to focus on that more, because I’ve admitted that I’m a do-do-do-er and chick on the go-go-go and sleep sometimes gets shorted in the mix. Cutting on sleep can keep you from your fitness goals and this is a great reminder to stay on top of that!

The display is great and I’d highly recommend getting either that or the band that connects to a smart phone, because it allows you to see where you’re at all day long as opposed to only when you’re plugging it into your computer.

What’s wonderful is that I LOVE the BodyMedia Core armband, and their company ideals are very similar to my own. Check them out!

“We are driven by the belief that our work helps people change their lives for the better.”

“We do our best work when we are surrounded by diverse people who share our passion.”

“We believe in approaching every situation with a philosophy of continuous invention.”

“We don’t shy away from obstacles.”

“We take our work seriously, but not ourselves.”

What a great company with an awesome armband. If you’re thinking about getting one, Do it. It’s SO worth it! Open-mouthed smile And once you do, come tell me how much you LOVE it!


Coffee Talk!

  • Have you ever used a BodyMedia armband or anything similar?
  • LOVE my BodyMedia Core armband!
  • Do you count calories?
  • I have a rough idea of where I am daily, and it fluctuates based on my goals.
  • Do do focus on quality or quantity of food?
  • Quality!!


  1. Comment by Tara @ Sweat like a Pig:

    This looks awesome!! Now that I’m a PT, I would love to get one to know how many calories I’m burning a day. Before, when I was sitting on my butt at work all day, it was easy!

    I don’t count calories. I used to, but now I only have a rough idea of where I’m at.
    Tara @ Sweat like a Pig recently posted..Don’t hate on machines!My Profile

  2. Comment by Julie:

    I have one too! I LOVE it! Anytime someone asks me about it when I wearing it, I tell them how much I love it. It’s great for when I’m teaching classes & people ask how many calories we’ve burned.

  3. Comment by Melissa @ Live, Love, & Run:

    I LOVE my BodyMedia band. I need to use it more, but I have so many gadgets, I have no idea what to do with them! Haha. And I LOVE the idea of wearing it on your calf when you get wear it on your arm. I never would have thought of that!
    Melissa @ Live, Love, & Run recently posted..Planks: My Abdominals’ Best FriendMy Profile

  4. Comment by Brittany @ GOtheXtraMile:

    Soooo cool!!! I would love to know how many calories I am burning just to see if I am eating enough and to get an accurate count for my workouts! The sleeping thing is pretty awesome too.
    Brittany @ GOtheXtraMile recently posted..Stomach UpdateMy Profile

  5. Comment by Sara @ Nourish and Flourish:

    I bought one of these last year and literally wore it every day for two months! I LOVED seeing how much energy I was expending and how many hours of real sleep I was getting. Like you, I was burning SO many more calories than I’d originally thought. It was shocking–in a good way! Unfortunately, about four months after I bought the band, it stopped working. :( I should have returned it to the company, but never got around to it. It’s still sitting in my dresser drawer!
    Sara @ Nourish and Flourish recently posted..Scenes from the Weekend: Embracing {NOW}My Profile

  6. Comment by Lisa:

    This is so awesome! I really wanted to buy one a while ago, but just didn’t want to spend the money. It looks like a great way to gauge how much you are burning and how much you should refuel with, especially if your starting to gain/lose weight. I’d love to see how much I’m actually sleeping, because I never know and have been feeling exhausted lately!

  7. Comment by DynnaLou:

    This is the first time I have heard about the arm band and I am sure it can be a big help to me especially today.. Anyway, thanks for the great review!
    DynnaLou recently posted..Stop Anxiety AttacksMy Profile

  8. Comment by teabagginit:

    i love this and really wanted to get one awhile back but didn’t want to spend the $ – i think the sleep read out would be dismal (it’s definitely quantity over quality in that department lately)
    teabagginit recently posted..WICravedWMy Profile

  9. Comment by StoriesAndSweetPotatoes:

    This sounds like a stellar product. How lucky are you getting to review it?? When I have the resources for this sort of thing I would definitely go for this one. It seems like it could really help me reach my fitness goals more accurately. That band looks pretty small and comfy. Some of them are just a huge pain in the ass to wear.
    StoriesAndSweetPotatoes recently posted..Eating Disorders and Food AllergiesMy Profile

  10. Comment by Mallory:

    I am really interested in getting one of these bad boys! I am curious at how many calories you burn in a 12 hour shift?? because I also work in the hospital and do 12′s and have always wondered due to the large amount of walking that i do!

  11. Comment by Meg:

    I need to email you about this!
    Meg recently posted..The Best of MayMy Profile

  12. Comment by Sam:

    To anyone who has this, do you feel it tracks your weight lifting sessions accurately? I’m looking into buying one, but my workouts predominately consist of weights, so I’m concerned that it wouldn’t work for me. The reviews that I’ve read seem mixed about whether it records calories burned accurately. Thanks!!

    • Comment by vblean:

      I lift heavy bodybuilder style much of the time and I feel it does a pretty good job of being accurate for each lift – I’d recommend it regardless of whether you do mainly cardio or mainly lifting. I feel it’s pretty much as accurate as you can get!

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