Motivational Monday + Post Workout Nutrition Vlog

I love that so many of you are Vibram fans! I was skeptical of the Twinkle Toe Shoes but I am officially on the five finger bandwagon. They’re perfect for leg day, sprints, HIIT, & Tabata!

Yesterday I rocked some serious cardio…


…and did a post-sunday AM cardio session coffee talk in my car! I talk about why post workout/cardio nutrition is so important!

Post Workout Nutrition Coffee Talk

Post Sunday AM Cardio Coffee Talk in the Car!

Just promise me you won’t try this at home. Video-ing + Driving at the same time = Not so safe. Next time I’ll take it while in Park. PROMISE!

Know that there’s no use being upset at yourself for something that you didn’t put the work in to do. If you’re giving it 100% and you’re still not seeing results (after giving it time and a lot of patience!) that’s when it’s okay to start using frustration to figure out what you need to change in your program. Most of the time, consistency is all that’s missing from your plan. Be consistent not for anyone else but yourself. Do it for you because you want to rock it and be as happy with yourself outside as you are with what’s inside. Love your body, love yourself, and give it your all. Enjoy not only the results but the journey as well!



Coffee Talk!
What do you eat/drink post workout?


  1. Comment by Emily@RunningPerspective:

    love thisss!!! and so so true! if you dont watch your post-workout nutrition you are NOT getting the most out of all that hard work you put in at the gym!<3
    Emily@RunningPerspective recently posted..a little breakMy Profile

  2. Comment by Lisa:

    I’m so bad with my post workout nutrition, especially if I have to be somewhere right after. I end up being rushed and that is never good. I totally agree though, gotta watch those post workout foods to put some nourishment into your body and give your body what it needs to make progress
    Lisa recently posted..Snacky SconesMy Profile

  3. Comment by Daybelis:

    Ummm you look great just had to say it, killer legs!:) post workout I make a smoothie, it includes whey protein, fruit, cocoa powder,spinach and aloe Vera

  4. Comment by Lizzy:

    hehe thank goodness you don’t live in California where it’s illegal to even have you phone in your hand while driving :)
    GREAT video & advice!! I have a lot of friends who try to wait as long as possibly post-workout to REPLENISH their energy stores, and they wonder why they don’t see any improvement?!
    I love reading about all your training and phases of training you go through! (even though I’m not a fan of lifting…me=endurance freak!) I really respect how difficult it is!
    I hope you’re having a great wednesday!
    Lizzy recently posted..Wildflower Triathlon half-marathon, race Re-cap!!!My Profile

  5. Comment by Jess @ Blonde Ponytail:

    GREAT post! But, don’t do this v-log-on-the-go again!! Scurrry!

    Love you body, love yourself…Yes! Fabulous advice!!

    And you are looking lean and (vanilla bean) mean!
    Jess @ Blonde Ponytail recently posted..Simple Speed Workout & Simple EatsMy Profile

  6. Comment by teabagginit:

    such a great vlog and you’re right – it is more personal! :) give it 100% and direct your focus to something worthwhile instead of hating your own body. i have spent so much time hating myself and i refuse to do it anymore! it’s time to start living! rock on girlfriend!
    teabagginit recently posted..Doggy doo and Green PooMy Profile

  7. Comment by Natasha:

    If there is one thing that I ALWAYS fail at, it would be post workout nutrition. I’m usually never hungry and don’t eat for a few hours, even after big races, which I know is horrible for my body! I just never get hungry, but I’m trying to be better at feeding myself right after!!
    I love your vlogs btw…they are awesome and you should do them more often! I can’t wait to hear more about your fitness and nutrition updates :)
    Natasha recently posted..Life UpdateMy Profile

  8. Comment by Christina @ The Athletarian:

    Nice bum!!!!! Where ya from?????? Looking amazing, girl! I have my Vega pre and post workout! I told James wilson all about the stats (it’s a vegan protein powder that I just mix with water) and he said it was perfect :) It’s has equal amount carbs and protein which I had no idea was ideal for before a workout! It’s pretty low-cal though so post workout I also eat oatmeal :)
    Christina @ The Athletarian recently posted..drinking veggies and eating jicamaMy Profile

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