Unplanned Hiatus Has Come To An End!

I did not mean to go on a blogging hiatus. Apologies x a million to all of you wonderful readers of mine! Shall I make this quick so I can go shower and not be stinky post workout anymore? Let’s. Winking smile

What have I been doing?

  1. Working two or three 12 hour shifts in a row. That’s not quite as conducive to blogging religiously as I may have thought. Time to get on the plan-ahead wagon and get some posts up to post for me while I’m running about the ER saving lives. Winking smile
  2. I’ve been changing up my workout schedule the last few weeks to 2-3 days on, 2 days off and rotating that. During my two rest days, depending on how I feel, I will throw in a quick 12 minute HIIT workout or tabata before I leave my house for work or if it’s right after a really heavy gym day, I’ll give my body the rest it deserves. I am being forced to learn that rest days can actually HELP body composition and fat loss. Who’d’a thunk hm?? *Finally starting to take own advice. Smile with tongue out*
  3. Operation Lean consisted of high intensity circuit type workouts for the past few months. I’m now in a period more concentrated on muscle building again, and am lifting heavy with lower reps, more rest, and less plyos in between sets.

What has lifting heavier and eating more carbs produced?

Fuller muscles.

More muscles. More booty! Who doesn’t want that? Winking smile

Not quiteee as lean, but I’m learning to love my body no matter the “leanness.” It’s a process for everyone, just keep on working. And remember, #everychoicecounts!

What have I been eating lately?

More complex carbs – don’t be afraid of the carbs! Pair them with protein & they build muscle!

I can’t tell you how many people say that one of the biggest things they miss is cereal. News flash!!!! You can still eat it! Yahoo! Portion sizes, and the right choice. High fiber, low sugar, and look at the ingredients! This cereal is mostly made of oat flour!


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Coffee Talk!

  • What have YOU been up to lately? What did I miss? Fill me in!!!
  • Do you like lifting heavier or lighter with more reps/plyos?


  1. Comment by Claire:

    You look very fit and healthy! I know you struggle with wanting to be super lean, but I swear you have never looked better! :) (and I think your muscles are more defined than you realize!) xo

  2. Comment by Clarinda:

    You have amazing arms!! What’s your favorite arm exercise or HIIT/tabata routine for upper body? I mostly workout at home with very minimal equipment, but I really want strong powerful arms.
    Clarinda recently posted..Good DayMy Profile

  3. Comment by Brittany @ GOtheXtraMile:

    Welcome back!!! I agree with the carbs :D You look amazing by the way!
    Brittany @ GOtheXtraMile recently posted..Thursday ThingsMy Profile

  4. Comment by Melissa @ Treats With a Twist:

    You look SO amazing! I’m having so much trouble loving the “not-so-leanness” I see in the mirror, but it comes with time. I am slowly knocking down the fears I’ve had of fats and carbs and finding that eating them isn’t making me fat (head slap) and that I need that balance.
    Thanks for some motivation! :)
    Melissa @ Treats With a Twist recently posted..Fabulously Fit Friday 12/14/2012My Profile

  5. Comment by Maria @ Pappa Don't Preach:

    I’ve missed ya mamma! Thank heavens for the Instagram! You’re looking ultra fab and I’m happy that your out there enjoying your job and saving lives! xo
    Maria @ Pappa Don’t Preach recently posted..F*ck it Friday – Easy Pumpkin Pie DipMy Profile

  6. Comment by elle | nutritionella:

    Woohoo! I was in Utah the past week and well, since I had zero desire to run at altitude in 18 degree weather, I did a few HIIT workouts myself… one had me breathing so hard I actually gave myself altitude sickness. :/ Glad you’re back – and hope your schedule slows down a bit! :)
    elle | nutritionella recently posted..my new favorite reader: a Bloglovin’ tutorialMy Profile

  7. Comment by tam:

    if you dont mind me asking, what are your macros, if you track them? just wondering what is best to build muscle! Thanks Tam x

  8. Comment by Evelyn:

    Hey…. just recently started following your blog, looking forward to reading more.

    Can you tell me what workout shirts you’re wearing.. I love that they are looser. Thanks!

  9. Comment by Annette@FitnessPerks:

    You look HOT, hot HOT!! Nice work, girl! <3

    P.s. I love carbs too–and had some Special K protein at b-fast today. Aint no thang ;)
    Annette@FitnessPerks recently posted..Weekend Recap + Gains Project with Special K (+ Giveaway)My Profile

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