Work Hard Play Hard

If you eat clean and train consistently on a regular basis, and these are the ground rules you stick to, a treat here or there won’t slow progress.

I’ve learned the hard way that it’s no way to live to deprive yourself. Treats are an integral part of any balanced program.

I’ve tried treat days, treat meals, small treats in my every day, and all can definitely work. I’ve found that NOT planning treats has worked better for me than planning them. I prefer to eat clean and train consistently and when an opportunity arises to enjoy life with those I love and when it includes a treat, I go for it.

Instead of planning treats, I allow life to happen. There are more than enough spontaneous treat occasions and for me, it makes me feel less deprived and much more free if I am not restricted to a specific treat date and time. I’ve found that with all those spontaneous treat opportunities, there’s no need for me to plan my own treat meal or day – plus – that only puts emphasis on deprivation for me.

Flexibility, spontaneity and balance is where it’s at. But remember, you have to have already put in the work. So work hard, but play hard too. It’s the only way I’ve found to live. It’s where happiness is at for me.

Work hard, but play hard too.
Be consistent, but treat yourself.

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Coffee Talk

  • What is your treat mentality?? I’d LOVE to hear it!! Share share share!!!
  • What questions do you have for ME about my approach?


  1. Comment by Brittany @ GOtheXtraMile:

    Amen!!! Completely agree. Life is too short not to treat yourself. I like going with the flow, too. :)
    Brittany @ GOtheXtraMile recently posted..MarvelousMy Profile

  2. Comment by Recki a.corchado:

    I myself had to learn that it’s ok to have a treat once in a while. As long you are consistent with your clean eating and exercising you will be ok. Hard lesson learned. Lets not be so hard on ourselves we deserve it sometimes.

  3. Comment by Jenn:

    Amen sister! Couldn’t agree more. I’ve come to the same conclusion and am much happier for it. I’m pretty sure my friends and family are happier for it too!

  4. Comment by Beatatjata:

    I´m getting to the same conclusion. I´ve planned my treats before, tried to keep them to one day a week etcetera but now I´m trying to learn to really listen to my body and go with the flow. If I don´t want to have chocolate on a saturday, why HAVE to just because I planned to have chocolate on saturday… It might take a while but I´m sure I´ll get to the point where I treat myself in moderation when I feel like it. and “when I feel like it” wont be every day :-)
    Beatatjata recently posted..Next level Challenge: En tredjedel klar, två tredjedelar to goMy Profile

  5. Comment by CHAARG:

    Love this post! I hate when people act like having a treat day is a major “cheat” day. Everything worth having requires hard work, everyone involved with fitness knows this. With that being said, treating yourself is so necessary. I know sometimes I just need a break from the gym or a delicious calorie filled meal. I know that I LOVE being healthy and fit, so I don’t need to further restrict myself! Thanks so much for sharing!
    CHAARG recently posted..From 3.1 to 13.1: Morgan ZaranecMy Profile

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