Look Into The Mirror

Would you ever tell your best friend that she’s fat?

Would you ever tell your best friend that she’s ugly?

Would you even tell an acquaintance either of those things?

No. No you wouldn’t.

So why, oh why, do you tell yourself all of those awful, terrible things?

Look into the mirror.

What do you see?

  • You see a beautiful woman (or man) staring back at you.
  • You see someone who is working to be the best them they can be.
  • You see someone who is unique. No one else is like you.
  • You see someone you will remember to love.

Remember, what you say to yourself is invaluable. TRULY invaluable.

No beating yourself up allowed.

Constructive criticism works, and is very necessary to become a better person. There is a large difference between talking to yourself negatively and constructively criticizing yourself. Talking to yourself negatively – whether through negative words or a negative tone – will only hurt your goals. You need to learn to be nice to yourself. Be real with yourself, but be supportive and nice. You need to be your own best friend. That’s how better people and confidence are built.
Self-talk and self-esteem go hand in hand. Those thoughts in your mind are more powerful than you think.
Remember – real, but nice and supportive at the same time.


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  • Be completely honest – what are some things you tell yourself often? (I want to hear the good, the bad, AND the ugly.)
  • What are you going to work on telling yourself?


  1. Comment by Luana:

    I am always telling my self how ugly i am how i dont desever to be happy or the life i want that i ama fuck up that i am to dumb to fat and to dumb properly this is what i have been told all my life bullys at school all thur school my father constiy putting me down telling me i am not that great even a friends hubby told me how ugly i was and fat and poor and will never get a boyfriend so now i am fight the vouises in my head that says all these things i run to show then yes i can i live because i am worth it these things i fight everyday to be here for me my son my nefew my necie my familiy my friends its changed my as a person i will reach my goal it may take me longer then some but i will i am running my frist half marathon in setember scared but i cant wait to cross the finsh line

  2. Comment by Nicole Kross:

    This is a great blog post Electra! So many of us are far to harsh with ourselves. I’m definitely a person who overly critical of myself but strongly object when my friends act that way with themselves. It was lovely to have this post as a reminder that we are all awesome and need to remember that! Thanks for brightening my day xo

    • Comment by vblean:

      I used to be the exact same way and am working hard to be constructively critical, but not overly, and kind. Kind is good. SO glad it brightened your day :-D

  3. Comment by Farrah @ Fairy Healthy Life:

    Wow, those first sentences had me tear up. It’s so true!! It’s a work in progress but I think we could all be better at not being so judgmental towards ourselves.

  4. Comment by Christina @ The Athletarian:

    Love this post. You always make me smile. i think your progress has been amazing and I really love the new focus of your posts :) Miss you!
    Christina @ The Athletarian recently posted..Let’s talk sweatMy Profile

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