Re-Lighting My Fire

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This post may make more sense after reading these:

Another way awesome and completely unexpected thing for me through participating in the Under Armour What’s Beautiful campaign is that it’s re-lighting a fire within my competitive nature, but in a completely different – MUCH MORE HEALTHY (and balanced) – manner. I have always been competitive. I’ve talked about this before. I was an athlete growing up, volleyball, gymnastics & soccer.

Who would have thought a competitive nature + balance could be the best of friends? I’ve found What’s Beautiful to me.

Competitiveness & winning was my MO. My MO got the best of me when it turned into a perfectionism, can’t deviate from the strict rules I set for myself competitiveness. That’s an unhealthy state to be in.

My MO has since become a lifestyle of embracing balance, promoting self love, and remembering to love myself along the journey. This has been well complemented with the Under Armour What’s Beautiful campaign that I’m participating in through FitFluential. I have been able to dip into my competitive nature by completing challenges they have laid out as well as create my own.

I have also been able to balance this and keep from going too far by enjoying the journey and reminding myself of What’s Beautiful to me, every step of the way. I am thankful to be a part of this campaign for many reasons, this being one of the main ones. Re-igniting competitive fire within me while allowing myself to stay balance and remind myself I love myself through each day I work at being better. Being better no longer means to me “leaner, leaner, leaner.” It now means stronger, happier, more balanced, SELF LOVING.

I completed the Exercise Take Down challenge, where I took an exercise I avoid. Or USED TO, in this case. I have been working on practicing & incorporating pistol squats into my workouts for about the last month. I used to avoid them like the plague (and that’s saying a lot – I work in an ER Winking smile). I now love putting them into my workouts – ESPECIALLY because they’re hard – and working through them gives me a sense of accomplishment. For the Under Armour campaign, I set a one minute count down timer and did as many pistol squats as I could do within one minute. I got 10 alternating. Not bad!! I will work on increasing this number.

Who’s in?? Who’s going to attack an exercise they used to avoid? Who will try the pistol squat challenge I completed? How many can YOU get in one minute?

Come join me in the What’s Beautiful movement and show me what you’ve got!

Make this movement work for you – whatever it is you need to re-light or balance out – let’s do this!


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  • What are you working to re-light or balance?
  • What exercise do you avoid at all costs?
  • What exercise did you choose and how many did you get in one minute?


  1. Comment by Felicia:

    i hate these and suck at them too!! but they are so challenging and i love it all at the same time :)

  2. Comment by Heather:

    Great post! I miss volleyball ssooo much!
    Heather recently posted..Inspire OthersMy Profile

  3. Comment by GiGi Eats Celebrities:

    I am re-lighting myself by GETTING OUT OF LOS ANGELES THIS WEEKEND!!!!! YESSSS! ha ha ha!
    GiGi Eats Celebrities recently posted..Snack SwaparoosMy Profile

  4. Comment by Sheena:

    Quick question from a total self-hosting noob (just transitioned and am so lost). How can I get those awesome Follow me buttons like you have on your sidebar (Twitter, FB, Instagram, etc)
    Sheena recently posted..National Running Day is June 5th!My Profile

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