What’s Beautiful? Loving Yourself.

BAM! This post is a must read. It’s long. It’s important. It’s one of the most important posts I have EVER written.

I have written many posts embodying these three main concepts:

  • Promoting self love
  • Embracing balance
  • Fighting back against deprivation
  • (I will do a post round up in the near future!)

I have learned the hard way that it’s so important to live a lifestyle that not only allows, but truly embraces, balance and fights back against deprivation.

Last year I wrote a post for Under Armour’s What’s Beautiful campaign. I will not join a campaign unless I truly believe in the heart of their motives. I am lucky enough to be working with Under Armour through FitFluential because I believe in what they’re promoting. They aren’t promoting unhealthy ideals. They’re promoting a way to redefine the female athlete, a way to accept everyone, a place everyone can help inspire each other.

The post I wrote last year was THE MOST RAW POST I HAVE EVER WRITTEN. I posted pictures and words I thought would never leave the dark skeleton laden place in the closet of my memories.

(^A picture from the original post I never thought I’d share.)

But this campaign pushed me to share my experiences, and the feedback I got from everyone was BEYOND AMAZING. It breaks my heart to look at my pictures from that deep dark place. But it heals my heart a million times over to get the support and kind words I’ve received, but most of all, to hear that I am helping. If I have helped even just ONE person through a tough experience by sharing my own fight, it’s worth putting out there.


Read: My first Under Armour What’s Beautiful Post!


I am now taking it up a notch. Not only am I posting about this campaign, but I’ve created a profile, which I’d love if you’d do too so we can interact, and I’ve also created a team. When creating a profile you must create a goal.

Here is my #IWill statement:

I WILL remember to love myself along the way to being the best athlete I can be.

My Team is called TEAM LOVE YOURSELF. This team welcomes EVERYONE. No one is left out. I don’t care if you run, strength train, crossfit, walk around the block, do summersaults & cartwheels across your living room every day. If you’re an athlete in your own right, if you’re pushing yourself every day to get better and to LOVE YOURSELF THROUGH THE JOURNEY, you’re welcome. If you’re reminding yourself every day to remember that happiness isn’t an end point, but something to be grabbed by the horns right now. If you’re reminding yourself that your body is beautiful just the way it is all the way through your journey, not just at the “end point,” you’re in.

IF YOU NEED HELP REMEMBERING YOU’RE BEAUTIFUL, EVERY BIT OF YOU IS BEAUTIFUL, through your journey to be the best you, the best athlete, the best person you can be, COME LET ME INSPIRE YOU. Join my team! Follow me! I will be here for you ever step of the way. Let’s do this! Let’s do this together!

Say it with me:

What’s Beautiful?


AND as if that’s not all enough to make you want to be part of the movement, the winners get surf lessons in Costa Rica, and weekly swag bags of Under Armour goodies are given away for those who are rockin’ it. I mean, c’mon, how much better could this get!? Winking smile


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What is beautiful to you?

What is your I WILL statement going to be?


  1. Comment by GiGi Eats Celebrities:

    What’s Beautiful? YOU ARE!!!! You’re stunning, you look phenomenal and sound so very happy with everything! WEEEEE!!! Life does rock, doesn’t it! :D
    GiGi Eats Celebrities recently posted..Bodacious Body Types!My Profile

  2. Comment by Holly:

    Naw I love your posts! Seriously, you are such a beautiful and inspiring woman! Thank you for sharing your journey.
    Holly recently posted..Whole30 Day 19My Profile

  3. Comment by Natasha:

    I think that this post is awesome!!!! You have such inspirational words.

    I definitely think that “what is beautiful” is doing what makes you truly happy and at peace with yourself: without the influence of others or anything from the outside world….
    We all take our health for granted at times, and I definitely know a lot of people really overdo it, even when they are already healthy/beautiful individuals!

    So, all of that being said,
    I will be kind to myself…
    No negative self talk
    No damaging behaviors
    and I will be happy with who I am

    Natasha recently posted..WIAW: Becoming a Cupcake Artist :) My Profile

  4. Comment by Nancy:

    Amazing! Love this!!!!!
    Nancy recently posted..Egg ‘muffin’ omelets (Paleo friendly)My Profile

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  6. Comment by Danny McLarty:

    As someone that helps females build better booties for my living, I gotta say, your transformation is great! Way to build that thing up! Nice work.

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