No Gym Necessary

Confession: I haven’t worked out in a gym for at least a good four months.

How am I working out then, you say?? A whole gamut of different ways.

  • Sprints outside.
  • Sprints on hills outside.
  • Kettlebells.
  • My Ultimate Sandbag (I use the pink one from Ultimate Sandbag Training & LOOOVE it!).
  • Bodyweight workouts – my own, some of Zuzana Light’s workouts, some of Myomytv’s workouts.
  • Clutch Bodyshop workouts by Ashley Conrad (who is, btw, a freakin’ ROCKSTAR!).
  • Pushing my SUV, flipping tires, jump roping.

My gosh I could go on for ages.

  • Tabata … you name it. I’m doing it.

Do I have a plan? Of course. I lift, I do HIIT like sprints/tabata for cardio, I stretch, I foam roll.

Here’s the age old question: Do you need a gym to workout? NO. Can it be helpful sometimes? Yes, of course. Is it bad if you work out at a gym? GOSH NO. But if you:

  • a) don’t want to pay for a membership
  • b) can’t get away from the house for that long
  • c) have limited time due to work, kids, etc,
  • or so many other reasons, you can ROCK some killer workouts ANYWHERE.

No gym necessary. No fancy equipment necessary.

My thoughts: If you cannot move your own bodyweight functionally, efficiently, in many different planes of movement and in many different ways, you have absolutely no business moving weights. And I mean that.

Lift heavy they say – lift heavy I’ve said. Do I mean it HAS to be X amount of weight? No. By lifting heavy I mean lift heavy enough for your muscles so you keep progressing. Could lifting heavy be doing 20 pushups if that’s where you get to failure? Yes. Could lifting heavy be doing squats with a 30 lb sandbag until failure? Yes. Could lifting heavy be squatting 200 lbs? Yes. It’s all about you. Choose your battles wisely. If you can’t get to a gym, lift your own body weight. Lift apparatus around your house. Push your car. Lift your child. Don’t let “not getting to a gym” be your excuse. I’ve found that working out at home has given me freedom to DO WHAT I LOVE and do what I feel like and play and have fun and move and get outside and get to a park and enjoy the small amount of time I give myself for myself. It’s allowing me time to do handstands. It’s giving me time to be creative. It’s breaking me out of my comfort zone – my go through the motions zone. One day at a time. One “no gym needed” day at a time.


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Where do you workout? (And what makes you love that – or not?)

What battles do you overcome by working out where you choose to work out?

What are your plans to move and play and workout today?


  1. Comment by Heather @ Relentless Forward Commotion:

    Love it! I still attend a gym for about an hour every other morning to squeeze in my heavy lifting, but EVERYTHING else is done outside. I can’t stand being indoors! If you don’t mind me sharing, here is my most recent post about how the WORLD is my gym, and how exercise truly is FREE! No excuses!
    Heather @ Relentless Forward Commotion recently posted..5 Easy Steps to Achieve an Obstacle Course Racer’s Bikini BodyMy Profile

    • Comment by vblean:

      Thanks lady! LOVE me some heavy lifting but have been loving the outdoors as well. I NEVER mind sharing! Psyched – off to read it now!

  2. Comment by ayelet saar:

    It is a great info. you should also try by kyla kagon. ky &zuzka light are my favorite. tell how it goes. xox

  3. Comment by Axel (@apkussma):

    Playgrounds are my favourite, or logs and stumps when I’m on a trail run… I call it Burbathlon!
    Axel (@apkussma) recently posted..The Germany Journals (Ger-nals?) Part 3My Profile

  4. Comment by Marcia:

    Such a great reminder and great resources! It’s so easy to use the ‘no gym’ excuse. Now that we’re finally (FINALLY) getting some summer-like weather, some of my workouts have been w/the kids in the pool. Make it work, right? : )

  5. Comment by Sheena:

    I really need to work on my at home work outs. I recently started a new job and my gym is now over an hour away, so not available anytime but on the weekends. I think I’m going to freeze my account for now, because I hate paying for something I can’t use, but need to beef up my at home skills. I have a couple bands and 2 10 pound weight. Other than that, I’m lost!
    Sheena recently posted..ViewSPORT Coupon Code!My Profile

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